"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Posts from August 2013


Last Sunday afternoon I spent a wonderful two-plus hours at the Anglican Cathedral in town enjoying a performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s Oratorio, Elijah.  It’s the best twenty dollars I’ve spent for a long time.  The place was packed out with standing room only.  I managed to find a seat in the very front row within […]

Do I have a demon in me…?

Every now and then I am asked by a disturbed Christian whether he or she might be troubled by an evil spirit.  The answer is, “Yes of course!  We’re all troubled by that embodiment of evil personified – Satan.”  As the Apostle Peter says, “The devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone […]

Adopt an Oma or Opa

There are several countries where grandparents are known by these titles (although our South African folk do spell the words just a little differently.  I was once in a shop and heard a young child call out, “Oma…!”  When I talked to the grandparents I discovered they were Indonesians.  Many years ago I had some […]


Sleep is important to us for our physical wellbeing.  It’s the time when the body rests and refreshes itself.  A lack of sleep can create huge issues.  For example, a man suffering from “sleep apnea” finds it much more difficult to handle the challenges that the new days brings.  When that is prolonged then depression […]