"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Posts from September 2013

Atheists and Agnostics and the Pope

Recently Pope Francis was widely reported as having sought to build bridges to atheists and agnostics.  What particularly took the media spotlight was a statement in which he is reported to have said that what matters most is obeying one’s conscience. Apparently he was responding to a series of questions in an Italian newspaper editorial.  […]

Godly Character

“Your character is what God knows you to be; your reputation is what people think of you.”  I came across that saying this past week while preparing for devotions with the teachers at Glenvale Christian School on Thursday morning.  It would be wonderful if our character was the same as our reputation. Last week I […]

Doing your democratic duty

It’s not for me to tell you how to vote this coming Saturday but I do want to remind you to think Christianly about your vote.  So to stimulate your thinking let me share three particular ‘gripes’. Gripe number one is that politics in Australia in the last few decades has been less and less […]