"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Posts from April 2014


An article I was reading recently, in a periodical from another church, sought to grapple with the Biblical teaching about election. The author was honest enough to state at the outset his problem with predestination: “If God, through sovereign decisions, predestines some to salvation and some to damnation, then surely He is the ultimate source […]

Lunatic, Liar or Lord…?

I was reading an article in The New Zealand Herald (dated Tuesday April 15) which mentioned that the latest NZ census figures show a further decline in numbers and influence of Christianity.  In that context the writer lamented that unbelievers are “ignoring the evidence of Jesus”. The article was a well-reasoned defence of the resurrection […]


We moved into our new house a little over a month ago.  The roof gutters had several years’ of accumulated rubbish – mainly rotting gum-tree leaves.  The result was that water couldn’t drain away and the roof gutters became a breeding place for mosquitoes.  Presently our dog is the worst victim of these pesky little […]


Yep…!  I’m sure you’ve heard all about it: there’s another “Biblical” blockbuster showing at the movies.  This time it’s the Aussie actor, Russell Crowe, starring as Noah in a movie by the same name.  I’ve heard from some who have already seen it that it’s good entertainment, good cinematography and that it has a good […]