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Posts from October 2014

Who is it for?

Years ago when we were in the middle of the “worship wars” I was talking to someone about the trend towards entertainment. I expressed concerns about a congregation becoming just an audience watching a performance on the stage. This person replied, “That’s wrong! The congregation should never be an audience. It’s really the other way […]


Once, when I referred to someone as an expert, a work colleague commented that an expert is a “drip under pressure”. The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of an expert is “someone who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”. I’m often amazed how many people are experts when it comes to religion… or […]

Church for Atheists

There are many folk who believe in God and who even believe that Jesus died for their sins but who are not into church going. Their problem is not with God, their problem is church. There is a new brand of person in our society today who do not believe in God and don’t accept […]


The last day of this month, 31st October was the day in 1517 when the Reformer, Martin Luther, challenged the church to deal with the abuses and perversions that had crept into the church over many centuries. In three years’ time there are plans afoot already for a 500th anniversary celebration. Of course today that […]