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Posts from August 2015

Peer Pressure (take 2)

I came across a cartoon that finally answered an old question that has become the butt of many a joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?  The answer is: peer-pressure.  The cartoon showed a hesitant hen standing by the roadside with traffic flying past.  On the other side of the road stood some feathered […]

Peer Pressure

The interviewer asked the man who was celebrating his 100th birthday what the best thing was about turning one-hundred.  Displaying some quick wit for someone his age he instantly replied, “No peer pressure”. We often tend to see peer pressure almost exclusively as a teenage problem.  Big mistake!  Toddlers already demand to have what they […]

The Welfare State

In our book club we’ve been reading Theodore Dalrymple “If Symptoms Persist”.  The author is a medical doctor whose territory includes the local penitentiary and public health department.  The author relates stories about some of his patients.  One of his gripes is how some of his patients have come to have a sense of entitlement […]

When things go pear-shaped

I’m not quite sure where the saying came from about something going ‘pear-shaped’.  I googled it – but not much help there; with Wikipedia listing more than ten possible sources.  The term first seems to have been used in the air-force for planes trying to do a loop – that often looked more pear-shaped than […]


Only once have I ever preached on the topic of giving – and that was because my elders asked me to do so.  I’ve certainly referred to this matter indirectly on various occasions but it has rarely been a subject that I have addressed specifically.  Only that one occasion comes to mind. The reason for […]