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Posts from October 2015

A Different Reality

The Coalition’s Senator Eric Abetz recently took a well-deserved swipe at the media.  He claimed that the media is not truly representative of the Australian population but has a left wing bias – particularly against things Christian.  “If you have a Christian, conservative point of view to offer, the media will have this negative-sentiment override […]


What a sad week it has been for our South African friends! Their largest church, the Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) officially approved same-sex marriages (SSM). At the same time their synod also opened the way for their ministers and other office-bearers to live as practicing homosexuals and to even marry their same-sex partners. Previously homosexual […]

What’s happening to our sacred songs?

In the last month or so, I have noticed an interesting development in television advertising. I do not know whether this is a developing trend, but it made me take notice. Advertisers are using well known sacred songs to promote their products. The first one I noticed was the ABC, which uses the words of […]

Freedom of Religion

Some time ago the Muslims in our community bought a church building that had been left unused after the church merged with another congregation.  The Muslims turned the building into a mosque.  Within a short time two unsuccessful attempts were made to burn the building to the ground.  There is obviously a faction in our […]