"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Posts from February 2017

Kindness that comes too late

“I’m sure I speak for other weary toilers when I say this: If my friends have alabaster jars of encouragement and affection that they intend to break over my dead body, I’d be grateful if they would bring them out on one of my weary days and open them then. I would rather have a […]


There are many Christians who are in no risk of burnout whatsoever. They don’t overly invest themselves in the life of the church or other people, they are not given to being at every meeting or event that is put on, they seldom volunteer and they don’t go out of their way to take on […]

Emptying Ourselves

We were made to lose ourselves but not by being identical to the Lord or anonymous to other people. We were created to walk with them, fit with them, complement and love them. Faith itself is relational engagement in which we know and respond to Jesus. And, when faith and love are animated in our […]

Inconvenienced by Inconvience

“It is my hope that people feel they can invite themselves over to my home. I hope they feel that I am willing and eager to use my gifts and talents and time to bless them in whatever way I can. I hope people see that my house and my home and my life have […]