"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Do I have a demon in me…?

Every now and then I am asked by a disturbed Christian whether he or she might be troubled by an evil spirit.  The answer is, “Yes of course!  We’re all troubled by that embodiment of evil personified – Satan.”  As the Apostle Peter says, “The devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone […]

Adopt an Oma or Opa

There are several countries where grandparents are known by these titles (although our South African folk do spell the words just a little differently.  I was once in a shop and heard a young child call out, “Oma…!”  When I talked to the grandparents I discovered they were Indonesians.  Many years ago I had some […]


Sleep is important to us for our physical wellbeing.  It’s the time when the body rests and refreshes itself.  A lack of sleep can create huge issues.  For example, a man suffering from “sleep apnea” finds it much more difficult to handle the challenges that the new days brings.  When that is prolonged then depression […]

Long Story Short

What a challenge it is to condense the teachings of the whole Bible down into some more “manageable proportions” to suit certain needs. I recall that some years ago Readers Digest came out with a condensed Bible – which I don’t think ever caught on.  Serious Bible readers don’t like important things being left out.  […]

On being Ecumenical

Last Thursday morning Pastor Andrew and I attended the gathering of the Christian Leaders Network (CLN) here in Toowoomba.  It’s a weekly gathering of pastors and para-church leaders for worship and prayer.  There are generally some forty people that come every Thursday morning although I’ve been to some meetings where there have been more than […]

Keep it to yourself

This past week I was following a discussion on the Internet about the growth of atheism in Australia. Apparently, according to figures from the latest census, the number of professing atheists in Australia has grown. Our local newspaper triggered the debate by asking whether there was still a future for religion. I must confess that […]

Who is it about?

Someone asked whether I still had on file a copy of the “Letters to Keith”, a series of ten letters which were published by the late Rev. Bill Deenick back in the early 90s.  They were written at a time when the CRCA – like so many other churches – was going through the “worship […]


It’s been interesting to have to run worship services two weeks in a row recently without the benefits of technology when the power was off in our area.   That meant no amplification for either the guitar or for the voices of readers and preacher.   It meant having to dig out the hymn books […]