"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Parenting a Difficult Child

“I’ve heard many a parent say, “We’ve exhausted all options, all approaches, all forms of consequences… and nothing worked. I tried being calm; I tried consistent discipline; I tried appealing to their conscience and praying with them and for them. Nothing helped. Nothing changed.” What the parent means is that it did not produce the […]

Eliminating the Human

“In a world of impersonal automation, we form communities of real presence. In a world that is eliminating so many forms of human interaction, we promote it, embrace it, and invite others to experience it. The more technology continues down this path, the more the church will stand out in beautiful, living contrast.” Read more…

Margaret Court Vs Sensible Evangelicals

“Aptly named Aussie tennis legend Margaret Court’s outspoken public comments today against same sex marriage may have her opponents on the other side of the net seething. But it’s her doubles partner that I most concerned with – her fellow Christians who don’t necessarily want to be seen on the same side of the court […]

Loving Your Annoying Family

“Church shouldn’t be a place where we go to hang out exclusively with our friends. Of course we will do that, but we also need to open our horizons to those other people sitting in our circle. We need to switch on our ‘family radar’ to locate those who are struggling, feeling like an outsider, […]

An Awkward Discussion

The way in which our sister Mae Bennetts prepared much of her thanksgiving service in advance reminded me of an article Rev. John Zuidema wrote recently. And I’d be very happy to talk with you about it over the coming weeks if you’d like to give this some thought together – Pastor Andrew Read the […]

Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. We all know that. In our busy and self-isolating culture, we have to make intentional, personal contact with each other if we want to be a real community. But how do we do it? Let me suggest one centuries-old method: invite people over. Read more…