"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Ed Welch

Emptying Ourselves

We were made to lose ourselves but not by being identical to the Lord or anonymous to other people. We were created to walk with them, fit with them, complement and love them. Faith itself is relational engagement in which we know and respond to Jesus. And, when faith and love are animated in our […]

Emotions are a Language

“Think of emotions as a language. They say something—something very important—and part of our job is to figure out what they are saying. Sometimes the interpretation is easy. A friend says, “I feel so afraid.” She is saying that a threat looms to something that is important to her. Got it. We hear her correctly. […]

Reflection: A Plant Grows

“Somewhere a plant grows—a stalk of wheat, an ear of corn—and this assures us that our God reigns. We have so much to do, so many worries, so little money, so many hardships. We pray about these things, yet before we complete a sentence we are off solving our problems or fretting about what could […]

Satan’s Strategies

“In a world of shysters and cons, you are wise to be alert to their strategies. When at the train station in Rome, pickpockets are everywhere so keep money and important documents secure. When you receive internet requests for money, ignore them. When you are promised a 10% return on your investment, don’t give up […]

Timeshares and Manipulation

Among the many embarrassing choices in my life is that I have gone to a few vacation timeshare presentations—I will not say how many. I tell my long-suffering wife that the presentation will only be an hour, I will tell the presenter “no” up front, and we will get some kind of award for attending. […]