"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Just-Around-the-Corner Spirituality

Have you ever thought, “If only I didn’t have this pressing deadline, I could spend more time in prayer”? Or, “Once I recover from this illness, then I’ll be able to concentrate and study God’s Word”? Or, “If I could just line up a retreat day (or better yet, a week of vacation) then my walk with Christ could be renewed and refreshed”? Or, “If only the kids were out of diapers, I would have more time to pursue God”? Or, “If only the kids were out of the house, I would have more time to pursue God”? Or “Once I get through the whirlwind of Advent and Christmas, then I’ll be able to slow down and savour God again”?

I’ve thought that. Perhaps you have as well. You might call this phenomenon “just-around-the-corner spirituality.” That is, the idea that once you can get beyond present circumstances, your relationship with God will be able to grow deeper. If I can just get around this next corner, then I will be able seek after God in an undistracted and more wholehearted way. The problem is, I rarely (if ever!) round the next corner to this new and blessed world of undistracted communion with Christ! It looks like I’m stuck with today as the context of growth in my relationship with God.”

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