"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Reprobation: Does God elect people to hell?

“The concept of reprobation is biblical, and the actual word is used in a few places (Psalm 15:4, 1 Cor 9:27, 2 Cor 13:5-7).  The doctrine of reprobation is best understood in contrast with the doctrine of election.  Thus the discussion of the nature of reprobation is usually had by those who already believe in election—that God chose which individuals he will save before the foundation of time. And any consideration of reprobation leads to this question: “Does God predestine people to hell?”

In other words: is reprobation like election in every way except the destination? If God chooses some for heaven before they are born, then does he also choose the rest for damnation before they are born? These answers require nuance. ”

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