Posts from February 2016

Posts from February 2016

Beware the Black Hole of Time

Since all of us have a role to play in what has been called the “Ministry of the Pew” – welcoming those who visit – this short article by Austin Brown provides us with some welcome advice in how to welcome well.

Work that makes a Difference

How can I find satisfaction in my work, when so often it seems tedious or tiresome? Tim Challies points us to ‘Work that makes a difference’.

Engaging our Emotions – Engaging with God

Have you ever thought about how our emotions fit in the Christian life?  Here’s an excerpt: Emotions are tricky. Everyone has them. Everyone struggles with them. Many struggle with how they feel more than anything else in their lives. Then there is the sea of other people’s emotions in which all of us swim. I suspect most of us consider emotions to be more of a liability than an asset. What does the Bible have to say about emotions? Continue…