Joshua Hartog

Joshua Hartog

Are you a Glass Half-Full Christian?

I’m sure you’ve all the saying ‘He’s a glass half-empty kind of guy,’ or ‘She’s a glass half-full kind of girl.’ It describes how we tend to see the world, either in a negative light, or a positive light. Some people tend to see the problems in life, while other people see opportunities. And the truth is that some of us see our spiritual lives in the same fashion. We see how our country is turning its back on Christianity…

The Power to Witness

Pastor Josh Hartog continues his reflection on evangelism – this time, the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit. “Our gospel witness will only have power when the Holy Spirit is present in our lives, in our words, and actively working in the lives of those who hear. Before you step out of your house, pray that the Holy Spirit would fill your heart. Before you speak, pray that the Holy Spirit would speak through you. And when you share the gospel with someone, pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their heart. Through the Holy Spirit may you have power to witness to Jesus.”

Is the Light On in Your Home?

The truth is we all live in a particular local neighbourhood. Unless you live in a commune, you are living in the world, you are surrounded by people who most likely don’t know God, or at least don’t know God as we know him. God has placed you in a strategic position to be a witness to His love and grace in Christ Jesus. Your neighbours watch you come and go. They see how you live. They hear how you talk to your spouse and kids. They observe how you spend your time. They learn your priorities.

But I’m Not an Evangelist

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to share their faith is the belief that only people with the spiritual gift of evangelism are called to do that. I’ve heard it many times, “I don’t have the gift of evangelism!” Or “Do you really expect everyone in your church to be willing and able to share their faith?” And the answer is “Yes!” So why do I believe everyone who follows Jesus should be able to explain why? Firstly,…

Is your Church a Cray Boat or a Cruise Ship?

One day, while diving for crayfish off the east coast of Tasmania as a young man, I was invited on-board a professional cray boat. It was a big boat, designed to spend weeks off-shore setting and checking cray pots. I found it fascinating. It had narrow stairs that descended below decks that were so step they were almost ladders. It had a huge hold filled with sea water that had room for thousands of crayfish. The bridge was filled with…