"We love because He first loved us" 1 Jn 4:19

Posts from August 2016

Read the Bible as Your Spiritual Food

“The Bible is given by God to believers for their good and for their edification. The Scriptures reveal God, expose sin, highlight Christ, and demand repentance and faith. So how can believers read the Bible and profit from it? How can children of God read God’s Word as spiritual food and nourishment for the soul?” […]

Should Christians Save for Retirement?

It’s easy to take superannuation for granted (unless we’re self-employed!) and its a subject that’s often in the news at the moment – are we saving enough, how much do the incentives cost, how much is too little? But it’s easy to skip over a more important question: Should Christians save for retirement? In our article of […]

How We Do Family Devotions

“I think family devotions is like a lot of things in the Christian life: We have made it bigger than it needs to be, and therefore live with a sense of failure, a sense that we are not measuring up. Through many years of success and failure Aileen and I have realised that there is […]

Reflection: A Plant Grows

“Somewhere a plant grows—a stalk of wheat, an ear of corn—and this assures us that our God reigns. We have so much to do, so many worries, so little money, so many hardships. We pray about these things, yet before we complete a sentence we are off solving our problems or fretting about what could […]